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August 8, 2019

Phili 2:6-11: The Self-Emptying and Exaltation of Jesus

Tonight's study completed our tour of the Office of the Dead with the Evening Office and a study on the canticle for the Office from Philippians 2:6-11 — one of the most theologically and morally profound passages in the Bible.  We discussed its origin as a hymn and its context in the church and epistle of Philippi.  We examined the stark contrasts of the hymn, e.g., God to slave and abasement to lordship.  We considered Jesus' letting go and pondered its relevance for our lives.  We digressed into impossibility by definition, i.e., that some things are impossible for God not because of a shortcoming of God but because impossibility is part of the definition, e.g., something cannot be and not be at the same time, and applied this to God not being able to die until He took on humanity.  We spent considerable time on the obedience, voluntary submission, and voluntary humility of Jesus and the implications for our lives.  We explored just how highly the Father has exalted Jesus, noticed a disagreement among scholars on interpreting one of the verses, and returned to the voluntary submission of Jesus along with our submission to Him in order to fully do the same.

May 9, 2019

Is 38:10-20:Deliverance From Certain Death and Ps 85: Promise of Hope and a Way Forward

The first half of tonight's study explores Hezekiah's canticle of thanksgiving in Is 38:10-20.  We examine the context, the interesting side bar that God left him to himself after his illness so that he could see and repent of his pride, several linguistic nuances sometimes lost in the English translation, and various verses that appear corrupt.  We also briefly review Sheol, discuss the idea of death at the completion of God's work in us and the challenges we often face for our own welfare.

The second half expounds Psalm 85.  We briefly review who the Sons of Korah were and posit a couple of reasons why there is both a statement that God's anger has turned away and a plea the He turn His anger away.  We look at some significant variations in translation, briefly touch upon the relationship between righteousness and the health of a nation, but spend most of our time discussing the differences between the Jewish and Christian perspectives on the promises in this psalm.  This leads us to examine the importance of Jesus as fully human and fully divine and the source of our righteousness.

January 17, 2019

Rev 4:11, 5:9-10,12: Praise the Lamb Who Makes Us a Kingdom and Priests

In tonight's study, we look at a canticle of praise comprised of several verses in Revelation 4 and 5 used as the last of the psalms in the Evening Office for the Solemnity of All Saints.  We also examine the verses in between to gain context.  This leads us primarily to a discussion of how great Jesus is, how He is the bridge between the Creator and creation, the Mediator, the Way, how He Himself is the Gospel, and why we would burst into such praise of Him.  We explore some of the Old Testament images and themes used by John in Revelation.  We digress a bit about how our prayers and lives can be a pleasing aroma to God as well as on the Millennium and possible answers to the question of over whom the Saints reign in the Kingdom.  We then stopped the cameras and prayed the Evening Office together.

August 30, 2018

Psalm 16: The Path of Life

Psalm 16 points to Jesus' death and resurrection.  It also points us to Him as the path of life, our inheritance, our everything.  We examine the difference between the Israelite and Christian perspectives on this psalm as well as some of its cultural and linguistic nuances.  We then stopped recording and prayed the Thursday Night Office for which this is the psalm.

March 30, 2017

James: Introduction and 1:1

In this study, we describe the change in approach from our previous studies, give the background to the Letter of James, read the first chapter, and begin exposition of the first verse.  There is a problem with sound for the first 8 minutes of part II.

September 22, 2016

Foundations of Bible Study: The How of Christian Transformation - Insanity to Sanity

This study continues examining the role of the Holy Spirit in Christian transformation and how understanding it prevents us from building a Christianity without Christ.  We explore how we are transformed from insanity to sanity and conclude with a discussion of God's rest and the Sabbath.

May 26, 2016

Foundations of Bible Study - the Plan and Eternal Sustainability

The first half of this study continues the discussion of understanding God“s plan to understand the Bible and discusses the need for an eternally sustainable life style.

The second half answers a number of questions including:

  1. Did Mary and Joseph have children after Jesus?
  2. Should Christians publicly evangelize?
  3. The pursuit of perfect holiness brings failure and sadness
  4. Christian executioners and forgiveness

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