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April 25, 2019

Psalm 51: New Hearts, Our Gravest Peril, Opened Lips, and Renewed Sacrifices

We continue and conclude our study of Psalm 51 by showing how it is God's mercy to show us our sins and how this psalm appeals to both parts of the New Covenant.  We examine the grave danger of being cast away by God and losing the Holy Spirit as well as consider why God may not call some people now.

We move on to how recognizing our own sinfulness makes us capable of instructing others in righteousness without judgment and the need to pursue holiness in order to be able to proclaim holiness without hypocrisy.  We look at the idea and an example of a constructively broken spirit and how having a right heart allows us to offer pleasing sacrifices to God.

April 11, 2019

Psalm 51: Sin, Practicality of Condemnation, Perfection, Original Sin, and Conscience

This poignant psalm reaches so deeply into our humanity and our relationship with God that it provokes a wide range of discussion on core doctrinal issues.  In tonight's study, we touch on the nature of sin and how God is justified and entirely practical to condemn us even if sin is the way we are.  We discuss how important it is to keep our sins in mind especially as we grow toward perfection and how God's willingness to extend grace at every moment to support our perfection inspires us to see the magnitude of His love in every moment of our lives.  We follow with a discussion of original sin and sanctifying grace pointing out that, if we do not understand these doctrines, we do not understand salvation.

In our second half, we discuss the inviolability of conscience but also its need to be formed and to admit that our consciences may not be right.

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