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February 22, 2018

Selfish Evangelization; Grace and Faith

Tonight's study consisted entirely of comments and questions.  The initial questions sprang from our reading of James 5 and deal with the idea of saving a soul by bringing them back to the practice of the faith.  We then proceed to a discussion about the roles of faith and grace in salvation.

February 15, 2018

Sins of Omission and Finding Meaning in Each Moment in James 4:17

We discuss sins of omission based on James 4:17 and see how it leads to a life of doing the love God places in front of us and how this dovetails into living a life free of self-will.  We then begin James 5 and enter a discussion of how the world has not changed much, the seeming futility of battling against a world that never changes, and finding meaning in each moment.

February 8, 2018

Self-knowledge, False Humility, and Sacrificing Our Wills in James 4:9-16

We begin this study with a further exploration of last week's question about moving off the beach into the interior, i.e., moving from immature to mature Christianity, including examining how false humility can keep us from advancing in the Christian life.  We then continue with the issue of self-will, sacrificing our wills to God's will, and the height and depth of what that means.  We illustrate these issues of self-will brought up in James 4:13-16 with writings from Saint Faustina and Saint Teresa of Avila.

February 1, 2018

Purification, Humility, Repentance, and Judgment in James 4:8-12

We start tonight with a question about going beyond superficial Christianity into Christian maturity and walking with the Saints.  We next continue with the themes of purification as we approach God, humbling ourselves before God, and the interaction of humility and judgment.  We end introducing a discussion on self-will.


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